After the birth of her second daughter, Melissa Katz was stunned to discover that her weight had settled in at 240 pounds. The veteran yo-yo dieter from Brooklyn found herself at a crossroads.
"I thought, 'If I don't get a handle on this now, I'm going to be fat my whole life,'" she says.
She decided to join Weight Watchers. After just a few meetings, she realized just how much food she had been eating each and every day. "No wonder I had gained so much weight," she says. "The problem was that I was used to eating big meals and big snacks. I felt hungry all the time."
Weight Watchers taught her that she could have plenty of food—if she made-the right choices. So she turned to fruits and vegetables to fill her plate. "They made me feel full without supplying lots of calories," she explains.
As the weight started to melt away, her self-esteem grew. "As I became more confident, I became more physically active," she says.
It took only a year for Melissa to lose 100 pounds. She has maintained that loss for 214 years. And her casual interest in exercise has turned into a career as a physical trainer.
But what Melissa, age 35, is most proud of is the impact that her new eating habits are having on her daughters. "They make good food choices, too," she says. "They'll pick a piece of fruit over a piece of cake. That's what gives me the biggest joy."
Stock up on produce with a high satisfaction quotient.
Australian researchers put together a list of "bargain foods" that, calorie for calorie, have the greatest potential to satisfy your hunger. At the top of the list: the baked potato. It fills you up faster and with fewer calories than any other food tested.
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