Guess The Date Contest!

Our friends Balls, Sticks & Stuff are running a pool to guess what game on the Phillies schedule this season will be the 10,000th loss. The details -- rules and prizes -- are as follows:

1. As of now, the Phillies have lost 9,974 games, so the earliest the 10,000th loss can occur is the game scheduled for June 6th in New York against the Mets.

2. The prize for correctly guessing the day of the 10,000th loss will be two Dimond Club tickets to a Phillies game in August, a commemorate Celebrate 10,0000 shirt, pint glass and a copy of "Pouring Six Beers at a Time" by Bill Giles [because without him, we wouldn't be celebrating this monumental event for another couple of years!].

3. In the event that no one correctly guesses the day of the 10,000th loss, the person with the closest guess will be awarded the prize.

4. In the event that several people choose the correct date, all ties will be broken by whoever correctly guesses the total score of the game (the number of runs the Phillies score plus the number of runs their opponent scores). In the event that two or more people are still tied, names will be chosen by Tugger out of a faded red Phillies cap that has seen better days.

5. To enter, send an email to . In the body of the email, chose a date, a prediction of the total number of runs in the game, and the email address that you would prefer to correspond with us.