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Welcome to Celebrate 10,000 - the site that celebrates a crowning achievement in baseball history. This year, the Philadelphia Phillies are poised to accomplish what no other team in professional sports history has before: 10,000 losses.

Not only is Philadelphia home to the franchise that has lost the most games in any sport, it's also the city (with four major sports teams) that's gone the longest without a championship.

This website is not about celebrating the Phillies 10,000th loss. It's about celebrating the Phans. We're the ones who suffer the most. Let's celebrate each other because without each other we would be watching the games alone, high fiving the wall. Let's make sure we keep our presence known.

So please help us celebrate all the Phans. Submit your stories here for all to see. We want to know how you felt after a significant loss or why you still follow the Phils after all these dreadful years.

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Trust us, when you write a story like this you can't help but get the chills.

Interested in season tickets? Our ratings system is now online. The story with the highest average rating by August 31 2007 will win a pair of season tickets to the 2008 Season.

Guess The Date Contest! Our friends Balls, Sticks & Stuff are running a pool to guess what game on the Phillies schedule this season will be the 10,000th loss. Learn more.

Always remember, Real Phans Love Their Losers.

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